Unlock The Secrets to Rank in Google

We’ve done the split-tests; We know what to focus on, and what not to waste your time on,

Website Site Optimization,
is a requirement; But most people focus to much time on this
The two important factors is time to first byte (TTFB), and time to first paint (TTFP).
and have your images size correctly.
Everything else is wasted effort.

Social Media Outlets:
Facebook, NO, (not worth the time, they don’t want to share traffic)
Twitter is for venting, NO
Youtube, Yes- HUGE
Instagram, OK
Pinterest, Yes– depends on the niche.

Having a strong foundation makes life easier down the road. We’ll tell you how to find out if you need 200 word article or an 3500 word article, How many times to repeat your keyword, and what LSI terms to use.

Link Building
How and why to get backlinks. Guest Posting, Blog/forum posting, learn about the Myths around PBN’s.